This year filmmaker and multi-media specialist Cindy Centeno (Swem Media Center) and professor Sasha Prokhorov (Russian Program) led a  team of 12 undergraduate researchers to St. Petersburg, Russia.  Students produced multi-media projects about city’s communities and their engagement with Russian history.









SAINT PETERSBURG | 2017 from Cindy Centeno on Vimeo.

To conduct research and make films abroad, you need to communicate with people of a different culture, use and troubleshoot technology;  be organized, open to unexpected situations.  In other words, you should be prepared for everything, but comfortable working in the unknown. For the eleven students who studied abroad in the summer of 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia, they had the added challenge of doing it all in Russian 🙂


MOSCOW | 2017 from Cindy Centeno on Vimeo.



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Hannah Hampton and Daniel Sheaffer A Tale of Three Monuments


Catalina Layton and Caroline Boras Kazan Cathedral: A Temple or a War Memorial?